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Ricci Martin, Desi Arnaz, Billy Hinsche
Ricci, Desi and Billy

Ricci Martin, Desi Arnaz Jr. and Billy Hinsche are old friends, having grown up together in Beverly Hills, California. Their common bond is the music they make. Ricci, Desi & Billy is the musical group they formed a few years ago featuring original material as well as the songs of 60's musical teen sensation Dino, Desi & Billy, of which Desi and Billy were founding members. Ricci is Dino's younger brother. Though this is a new configuration of the original band, the last names remain the same - Martin, Arnaz and Hinsche.

Currently, the band is not performing together due to other committments. Ricci is touring with his show (A Tribute to Dean Martin -- A Son Remembers). Billy is touring and working on his own show and producing a heart-warming DVD about his friend, Dennis Wilson. And Desi is working in his theatre and helping his wife, Amy, with her ballet company.

Even tho the band is not performing, you can still purchase the two great CDs they recorded live when they performed at the MGM in Las Vegas and also at Desi's theatre in Boulder City, NV. To order these CDs, please go to Amy's website. She accepts PayPal and all credit cards and prompt shipment too!
For CD order, go to: www.TheMagicTutu.com and click on "merchandise".

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